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NZ Bookkeeper is an administration service, specializing in Bookkeeping, Payroll & Human Resources, providing service, results and the available time to do what you love doing!


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Time Saving 70%
Ease 90%
Cost Saving 95%
Dedicated to your success 100%
Cost & Time Efficient

Why use NZ Bookkeeper for your administration requirements? You save on staff costs, IT equipment, set up costs and desk space!

All service are completed offsite so there is no interruption to your day! Everything is simply done in the background while you arrange your next appointment! For your convenience, all Financial, Staff & Human Resource files are backed up via the secure cloud so always available when you need a peek.

Three great services... One great solution!

We MEASURE your requirements, PRODUCE results and SUPPORT your team.


All your bookkeeping requirements managed on your behalf. Suitable for Individual to Medium enterprises.


Small to Medium enterprises, from 1 - 25 employees. We manage your payroll process for you.

Human Resources

Human Resources management for small to medium enterprises. We take care of the administration side for you.


Do you have issues with budgets and managing your finances within a budget? Learn to develop a working budget.

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