Money plays a big role in an employee looking to move employment.

How do you handle the negotiation process when it comes to getting what you want?

Be prepared to ask for what you want and also for what response you may get from asking it. Do your homework beforehand on the typical salary range for this specific role your applying for and be well prepared to answer any questions they may present you. Its a fact that we all believe we are worth more than we are currently on and you don’t often hear someone say they are happy with their current package.

When negotiating, show your excitement for the role so they can get excited about having you onboard. Show them why they want you and why you what them!

Never focus on the salary expectation as this can come across as being only after the pay and not the actual role. Base salaries can be restricted by budgets or company sizes. If they are fixed on the price, maybe see if you can include a bonus structure or parking as a benefit. If you decide to fight for a higher salary, be prepared  to maybe not be their first choice. A company wants to make sure you are taking the job for the right reasons and not just money.

Lastly, always be professional in your approach. Its not what you say, its how you say it and always remember, successful negotiating results in both parties satisfied.