If you were to be honest with yourself, you would admit that you hate doing your business accounts and payroll. All that number crunching that takes time away from doing what you love doing.

You try to cut corners by doing things yourself, saving wherever possible and sometimes making accounts mistakes due to a lack of accounting knowledge. So is it time to look for a bookkeeper?

Your business is taking off but your accounts are taking your time away from increased profit margin.

You are missing out in billable hours and instead you’re stuck trying to reconcile your accounts and get your employees paid on time. By taking on a bookkeeper, you pay a fraction of the costs for your finances to be managed on your behalf and you get to invest more time signing up new clients.

You lack the needed time to grow your business.

Your business needs to grow but you are stuck dealing with admin duties the majority of the time? Most businesses require at least 1-2 admin days per week. If this is sounding like you, then its time to start thinking about outsourcing. It may not seem like an initial financial investment but over time you will see how your business flourishes and your profit line increases.

You think you know what you’re doing but constantly make mistakes

Are you giving your bookkeeping your all but your accounts are still a nightmare? If this sounds like your situation, then its time to get a bookkeeper. Trying to fix it yourself can actually make the situation even worse and will cost you more money in the long run.

You just hate doing it

Do you delay doing the inevitable? Are your books months behind where they should because you just hate doing the accounts? Are you incurring overdue interest payable to the IRD due to late GST or PAYE reporting? Yes? Well then its clear what you need to do.

Hire a bookkeeper now! Its ok to not be great at everything. I’m a strong believer that a sales person is born a sales person. The same goes for bookkeeper. We have a passion to do what we do and we do it great!